1. Vindictus]Succubus Queen phase 2 cut scene + passing Nightmare phase + break-off 

    Quicktime events are the bane of my existence. Thankfully the one with Succubus Queen’s nightmare is easy once you know how to deal with it.

    With mouse control, the left timer is for A and the timer on the right is for D.

    Let the timer for A cycle once then catch it on its second lap and then do the one for the D cycle before it passes the little circle since it’s going to be your last chance at that point. 

    Resisting her nightmare will result in a break-off with a total of five break-offs possible.

    It also seems that the party is only given for chances [nightmares] to do this for each battle although a case where no one gets caught in her nightmare doesn’t seem to count as a failed attempt.

    The last scene is where I did two break-offs, both of her wings.

  2. Vindictus]Test Server-Succubus Queen 


  3. Mabinogi Heroes Developer’s Note : Niflheim Dungeon

    AFK: Sorry for the late update, I’ll try to bring up more stuff tomorrow  And, like before, the translation here will be simplified but the message will remain the same.

    Niflheim is a region for max level players or, to be precise, level 80 characters since the level cap will be raised to 85.


    The dungeons for this region will be designed to challenge players and as the highest level content yet each battle in this region will follow three general rules.

    1. Players can not revive in Niflheim; feathers and Evie’s Revive won’t work. A death will mean that your out of combat for that battle permanently.

    2.Boss holding skills will not work; the damage these skills do will remain the same but skills like Reverse Gravity will not disable the bosses in Niflheim.

    3. Niflheim battles will be the only place you an obtain Bracelet Gems. You will receive [Bracelet Gem Case Key Fragments] which you can trade for gems with Aislinn.


    Bracelets can be obtained in high difficulty Season 1 and 2 raids and Hero-mode dungeons. These Bracelets will become powerful accessories when combined with Gems.

    And now we introduce the first Niflheim battle where the boss is none other than the Succubus who has returned as the Succubus Queen.


    The Succubus Queen will show off new moves which will provide a new type of flashy combat players haven’t experience before.


    You will need to understand her patterns and the characteristics of the map if you are to succeed. Trustworthy party members will be a must as well since a single death will mean the end for that member and you can only have up to four party members total.


    The Succubus Queen is hiding a big secret so trying to find out what it is will be part of the challenge.

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)


  4. Mabinogi Heroes Developer’s Note : Multi-Processing

    AFK : I’ve simplified the article but the basic message remains the same

    Multi-Processing is a new party leader function which will aid players who wanted to host but weren’t able to due to PC limitations.

    Turning on the Multi-Processing function when hosting will improve performance for hosts with multi-core CPUs and a surplus of physical memory.


    Party leaders in Mabinogi Heroes has to host due to the limitations of the game’s engine and in the past a single CPU was used to do all the work that comes from being a host and being a party member as well.

    But now, the function for hosting and being a party member will be separated in to independent processes and use different CPUs in order to enhance the party leader’s performance.

    The following is the result of current testing.

    Test Environment

    CPU : I5-2500 (3.30GHz) Quad-core

    GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB

    OS : Windows 7 Professional (32bit)

    Without Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-6]


    With Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-41]


    This function will be tested in the test server before going live.

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)

  5. To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations for April Fools when I saw them recycling the Gallagher event on the test server but they sure got me this time.

    While the Gallagher event was used again that wasn’t the only thing added. Players are given cosmetics[makeup for males and mustaches for female]. and ‘happy potions’ by the strange traveler. Which can only be used during April first, of course.

    The potions are used for what is demonstrated on this vid, characters will dance in the style of another character.









    All of which adds up nicely for some lols.

    Another ‘joke’ was added in the developer’s notes that introduces five new main characters for the new mainstream story.


    The catch here is that the first paragraph when read vertically says ‘April Fools believe it or not’.

    Which is disappointing because I liked some of the concepts shown here.

    Then again who knows? They might be pulling off another ‘Vella’ where they throw an idea as an April Fools joke and see how the community reacts. Which makes sense as the illustrations shown here are likely from the batch of actual concept arts of character concepts as they have said that they work on several character concepts at once while one is chosen for actual development and release for each year. Some of the illustrations look like too much work for just throwing out as an April Fools joke.

    Other than that, the character styles have a striking resemblance of what many players on forums have been wanting.

    Martial Arts.


    Female Two hander [often suggested as an option for Fiona]

    Adolescent male caster.




    Massive character that bears a resemblance to Karok’s original concept.


    Though in the end this developer’s note could still be what it claims to be, an April Fools joke. But it’s still nice to have something to dream about…. and see a Karok with makeup doing a Lynn dance…..


  6. Mabinogi Heroes/Vindictus stuff [March-30]

    While I didn’t have the leisure to log in lately the direction of changes for Mabinogi Heroes since this year has all been for the better.

    The March 6th patch which included Pillar Karok and deletion of jumping could have gone better though. The Pillar changes twerked the play style but didn’t really address the problem with low DPS pillar had been suffering for so long. I’m glad jumping is out and can bear to live without those convenient bugs related with jumping, but the really did a bad job with adjusting S2 patterns that relied on jumping. Though I can’t really blame current development as the core of the problem is from ‘real’ jump being added with S2 in the first place. And the small shield changes that leaves large shield obsolete has been carried over to the live server as well without any explanation which makes me think that there must be another follow up patch that will handle large shield separately. The tweaks for Lynn has gone without a hitch on the other hand and Lynn players seem to be content now.

    The Devtalk on the homepage had been hinting on a big change upcoming since early March which turned out to be the announcement for Premiere/XE server merge.


    Starting from April 24th, the last remnants of the abomination that was XE will be no more on the Korean servers. This will not only help developers by getting rid of XE elements they had to consider in the past but also increase server stability over here as they won’t need to keep up a underpopulated server running anymore. One of the common practices in Premiere when there was a big patch was to patch through logging on to XE because it always patched way faster than the crowded Premiere servers.

    There seems to be more to come though because the Devtalk has been hinting on another ‘big announcement’ after the server merge announcement. Maybe S3?


    Whatever it is I hope they plan to continue working on Characters that they’ve already ‘adjusted’ because some of them were so inadequate.

  7. Vindictus] Points of interest in the test server patch notes 

    A very brief summary of the patch notes

    -Pillar Karok adjustments.

    -Lynn Adjustments.

    -Fiona small shield adjustments.

    -Jump removed from the game.

    -S2 maps and boss patters adjusted to accommodate the removal of jump.

    -Hero mode unlocked for Rochest raids and Shakar.

    -Addressed some issues with S2 battles and bosses like bugs that halted progression or toning down some of Iset’s patterns.


    I for one am glad to see jump removed from the game since I hated it from XE day 1. It’s not that I hate the concept of jumping but if you want to make jump work in the game you first need a working jump. But since the jump itself works like crap in game it’s like trying make apple pie without any apples. I know jump plays an important role for some characters, like sword vella’s jet jump which I’m going to miss, but this is the better choice if they can’t make jump work properly. The biggest upside to this change is that it shows that they are aware of how crappy the system is and that it shows promise that they likely won’t attempt to shove down an obviously unpopular system down our throats like they did with S2.

    The small shield changes are interesting as well. Aside from being very poorly explained on the patch notes, it’s good to see that it looks like they are still working on Fiona’s outdated shield system. The current way small shield seems to operate now is guard for attacks that count as a single hit and heavy stander for attacks that count as multiple hits[not talking about chained combos but attacks that deal multiple hits with a single swing]

    The two changes mentioned above along with how they are handling character adjustments and Lynn implies that Devcat is now handling player complaints more actively now. 

    How well they are addressing these complaints is a completely different matter of course.

    It looks like they dropped the original plan to apply character changes in two parts and instead took to taking it one part at a time while observing how things work out. Which is why I believe that the small shield change is part of a process of throwing bits at the test server to uh… test. So I expect there to be another test server update in the future which will handle large shield which is literally pointless as things are now.

    One  thing for sure is that, seeing how they’re handling Lynn, they definitely did broke away from the usual practice of handling new characters with a band-aid patch then completely forgetting about it for the time being. 


  8. Pillar Karok Adjustments Developer’s Notes

    Pillar Karok changes were designed based on three factors; fun, combat efficiency, and survival.

    During this process elements which weren’t suitable with how the game has changed as a whole were scrapped or changed while new additions were made to fill their place.

    1. Pillar Toss and Unarmed Combat

    Currently, Pillar Toss has somewhat weak damage and stun rate and is falling in use due to the lack of merit in using it.

    So first we increased the damage and stun rate for Pillar Toss.


    The debuff after tossing the pillar was removed so Pillar Toss can be used freely. The newly adjusted Pillar Karok will also receive a ‘Muscle Recovery’  buff after tossing his pillar which will grant him additional speed and max stamina.

    Karok’s SP gain during Unarmed Combat was increased and the time frame for Absorb Shock was increased to improve survival. Delay[not sure if they’re referring to delay due to flinching after being attacked or if they’re talking about hit-drag, I’m betting on hit-drag] has been reduced and smashes can be chained together making Unarmed Combat more efficient.


    A new mechanic, Rapid Pickup, was added in order to smooth out the transition between Pillar and Unarmed Combat. This allows Karok to pick up his Pillar during his evasion move.

    In addition to that, the time it takes the pillar to spawn next to Karok has been reduced so we hope that Pillar Toss will become a useful and fun skill to use after the adjustment.

    2. War Slam

    We wanted to diversify attack patterns and make it so that prolonged gameplay would still stay interesting. What we’re talking about is that his LLR was overused due to it’s efficiency making for a simple and boring play style.

    So in order to change this we decided change one of Pillar Karok’s more interesting skill, War Slam.

    The first thing we did was to allow War Slam to follow up after any smash. After that was done we decided that War Slam itself needed some adjustments. So now the stamina cost for War Slam will decrease according to skill rank and Karok will be able to change direction while using War slam. 


    In addition to that, if the Karok clicks on his normal attack button at the right timing while using War Slam then he can follow up with Crushing Sweep. When Crushing Sweep is used successfully after War slam it will provide two bonuses; stamina recovery and a damage increase.

    The combo bonus for Crushing Sweep can be stacked up to 5 times and  can be stacked by using War Slam.


    Getting the combo bonus up to 5 stacks will increase the damage of the follow up Crushing Sweep by 130% and grant 60 stamina.

    3. Survival & etc.

    Karok’s survival has been improved by fixing bugs related to Absorb Shock and a short time frame for Perfect Absorb Shock has been added to the start of all smash attacks.

    The speed of which HP recovers after Absorb Shock has been increased and the slowing mechanism to Earthquake has been removed and has been replaced with a flinch.

    Karok’s slow kick speed has been increased and the movement range for his attacks was also increased to provide more fluid gameplay.

    And last but not least, the finishing move for Clash can have it’s damage increased depending on how long Karok maintains the Clash.


    If the Karok manages to maintain the Clash for more than 5 seconds then the finishing attack will deal an additional 100% damage.

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)

  9. Vindictus] Lynn Patch Notes, Ahglan Party 

    Lynn was buffed and had a lot of her bugs fixed with today’s patch here are the list of changes

    -The base range of her weapon has been increased

    -Hit boxes for LLDD, spaceDD and other smashes has been adjusted

    -Fixed the issue with LLLDD not inflicting a Fallen Flower stack correctly

    -Damage for LLLDD increased

    -Stacking Fallen Flower on multiple targets is now possible

    -Fixed the issue with her enhanced evasion buff removing statuses on her which include transformation and White Flower Dance.

    -The delay for Quicksilver can be quickly canceled with normal attacks and she will start with her second normal attack with this combo.

    -Flash Wind now properly works against ranged attacks

    -The damage for one of her underused SP skills have been increased.

    -Fixed the issue with her SP skill [the one with the thrusts and dash as a finisher] not properly changing normal Fallen Flower stacks to Enhanced Fallen Flower stacks while in White Flower Dance status.

    -The effect for Fallen Flower stacks will be changed at 10 stacks.

    -Enhanced Fallen Flower stacks will cause an orange explosion instead of a blue one like normal stacks.

    -And other miscellaneous changes that aren’t detailed in the patch notes.

    The speed buff was called off and was mentioned in the patch note that they intended to wait and see how things work out.

    While I believe that she really needs a speed buff [but not as much as they did on the test server, that was overboard] I like the fact that they decided to wait and see how things work out instead of just throwing out a week 1 or 2 patch for a new character and ending it there. Which is what they did for every single new character they released starting from Evie.

    One of the miscellaneous changes is the reduction of her hit-drag. While in the test server it was reduced to almost nothing in the live servers it was reduced by a fraction where many peoples aren’t noticing it.

    Oh, and they added a grunt sound effect when she lifts up objects.

    [the sound is a bit off-track. don’t know how that happened…]

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)

  10. Vindictus]Mabinogi Heroes-Avatar Promotion 

    Two new Avatars [aka outfitter sets if I’m not mistaken] have been added with today’s update; Keaghan and Iset Avatars.

    But unlike previous sets which are sold in the avatar shop these sets can only be obtained through opening Lunar New Years Lucky Pouches. Which, of course, needs to be bought with NX and has a horribly low chance comming out. 

    As each Avatar is gender specific each character that manages to be lucky enough will get the apropriate set for their gender. Also the Iset Avatar has it’s own inner-armor only if it is worn as a full set.

    And this is somehow going under the sight of the rating commitee that couldn’t accept Diablo 3’s real money auction house because of its ‘gambling characteristics’. If this ain’t gambling then I sure as hell don’t know what is.

    Oh yeah, they added two new types of Chieftain and they are selling digital Season 1 Lorebooks which can be viewed with any character within the same account that has it purchased.