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    Author: afkalmighty

    Vindictus / Mabinogi Heroes : Iris Comparison for female characters

    A post I saw in Inven that I thought might interest some people. I translated the post as the OP, 귁귁, posted it.

    Starting from the first row the order is; Lynn, Vella, Evie, Fiona. 

    I’ve always wondered why Lynn’s eyes looked pretty in red unlike the scary looking red eyes of other female characters and tried comparing them and noticed something new.

    1.Lynn’s iris is slightly darker than the other three female characters. This is why picking saturated colors for Lynn’s iris doesn’t result in an unnatural look unlike the others.

    2.Fiona’s pupils are smaller than the rest. I first thought this was done intentionally because larger pupils wouldn’t look good on her but after doing some editing.




    and obligatory link to OP’s sig.

    (Source: inven.co.kr)

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