1. Sep 21, 2014  6 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Black Desert CBT : Warrior & Sorcerer Hunting Orcs

    Combat has been changed so that using various skills is encouraged and the AI does a better job of getting behind a player when in a group. Though the AI still seems to have trouble doing that against a party.

  2. Sep 7, 2014  7 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Vindictus : A better Zekallion party, Arisha PoV

    This is a Zekallion party  I joined after the previous disastrous run. You can see that I myself am performing better as well now that I’ve got a better idea of Zekallion’s patterns.

    Oh and dem hurks dun need nuh catapults. Except for during Zekal’s enrage stage. Damn that’s scary.

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    You know that saying about how the place players end up looking at on their character the most is their ass?


  4. Aug 20, 2014  3 notes
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    Closers CBT : AoL mode, White Devil

    Full code name-White Devil of Afghan.
    An odd name for someone who slacks off as much as she does.

    One of the pvp mode, and the only one available for CBT, for Closers is AoL mode which is basically its version of a Moba. It has everything one would expect from games like DoTa or LoL.
    Unique heroes, towers, item shop and so on.
    Having experience in these types of games will help at first like how other players who have experience with LoL knew exactly what to do while I was still struggling with what kind of items I’m supposed to look for in the shop.

    That said, the character I chose for this match seems OP with how she can spam ranged skills once she upgrades her reload skill. Then again it might be purely because the bots we were fighting weren’t good at prioritizing targets.

  5. Aug 20, 2014  2 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Closers CBT : Suh Yuri/Ranger gameplay

  6. Aug 20, 2014  2 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Closers CBT : First Impression

    I was lucky with the Closers CBT and got an invite.
    Closers is a side scroller action game that is staged in a fictional future Seoul where Phase monsters from another dimension threaten the safety of mankind.
    Lowly D rank phase monsters and below can be handled by the police and military but conventional weapons will not work against any monster above rank C.
    This is where Closer agents come in with their phase abilities that have been awakened by the opening of phase shifts.
    The Closers are part of the Union which is an organization sanctioned under the UN to fight phase monsters and close the phase shifts they spawn from.
    Recent turn of events forced the Union to recruit younger agents with ‘potential’ and the first step towards this project codenamed ‘Black Sheep’ was taken with a team in New Seoul.

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    Author: afkalmighty

    Closers Opening Video

  8. Aug 18, 2014  23 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Vindictus : Zecallion Teaser

    Zecallion’s name was mentioned in a devtalk around the time Arisha was released on the test server. The fact that the devtalk mentioned him growling makes it likely that he has canine features but one thing to keep in mind is that monsters without canine features tend to growl in this game as well.

    Other than the brief mentioning on the Devtalk, the line ‘true loyalty’, and a blurred teaser trailer staged in what seems to be Ortell Castle, there isn’t much info we can speculate on.

  9. Aug 18, 2014  2 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Arisha & Gnoll Chieftain fanart event

    Players will have a chance to win one of the twenty Chieftain Junior bricks or a limited edition artbook by submitting artwork depicting Arisha’s and Gnoll Chieftain’s first encounter.

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)

  10. Aug 18, 2014  4 notes
    Author: afkalmighty

    Arisha Figurine Event

    Arisha players will have the chance to win the single Arisha figurine if they complete all of the following tasks before Sep. 11.

    -Reach level 85

    -Finish the story for both Season 1 and 2

    -Obtain 30k AP

    -Obtain 330 titles

    -Finish the quest ‘A beggar’s request’

    Players who complete at least one but not all objectives will have a chance to win a limited edition artbook or an ecobag.

    (Source: heroes.nexon.com)

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    Author: afkalmighty

    (Source: inven.co.kr)

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    Author: afkalmighty

    Vindictus : Patch Note on Arisha changes

    I was planning on handling the patch notes concerning the changes to Arisha, but I remembered how horridly slow I grind levels.
    So here’s the summary of Arisha’s changes when she was released on premiere server. Remember that more adjustments are likely coming this way.

    -Dimension Hole and Mana Region now drains mana from enemies.
    -Increased the distance allowed to be away from a thrown Mana Stone
    -When playing with Arisha, other Arisha’s mana stones will be shaded gray.
    -Mana cost for Feast of Blade and Throwing Mana Stone while Mana Blade is active has been reduced.
    -Increased the amount of mana drained with Sharpen Mana
    -An add-on attack for Sharpen Mana is unlocked at rank A.
    : this attack can be used once during a Sharpen Mana combo and you will continue your combo from where you left off after the attack.
    -Cast Mana’s SP cost will be consumed when you teleport, not when marking the target.
    -While a target is marked with Cast Mana, the add-on attack after an enhanced Ruin Blade can also be used if the player warps within 3 seconds.
    -A melee version for Cast Mana has been added.
    : This can be used by pressing the grab key after Diffusion Shift or after the Rank A add-on attack for Sharpen Mana.
    The melee version for Cast Mana can drain mana from enemies.
    -Damage for Feast of Blade nerfed
    -Warp Hole will also have its damage increased with each skill rank
    -Targets hit by Resonance will flinch
    -The invincibility period for an enhanced Ruin Blade has been increased
    -The minimum SP requirment for Ruin Blade has been increased to 250
    -The damage for Ruin Blade has been nerfed
    -The damage party members deal while Arisha is casting Lord of Mana will be dealt at once when the time-stop effect ends.

    [I’ve excluded the bug fixes]

    And before anyone goes ERMAHGARD OP, the combined effect of some buffs and NX gear has my Arisha at 10k attack and there are no high level party members in this vid.

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    Author: afkalmighty

    Kritika Online : Blood Demon combo practice

    watch in 1080p

  14. Aug 6, 2014
    Author: afkalmighty

    Kritika : Season 1 teaser & new character Blood Demon

    Since I need to link several videos for this article

    Article Link

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